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My Favorite Fitness Apps

I'd like to say that I have it all together all of the time, but that would not be true! At all!! That's were systems come in handy. Don't worry - did you scream when you read "systems"? It's OK, just breathe. I'm just saying that sometimes we need good tools to help us achieve our goals. That's where apps can come in. I especially find them helpful for my fitness goals.

I do not always use Fitness/wellness apps, nor do I recommend it. It can be easy to become a slave to the app and fall into unhealthy patterns and habits. Listen to your body, use self-control, keep moving, eat well, socialize well and when you need a little help, use a good tool.

My Favorite Fitness Apps

Cronometer - Cronometer tracks calories, nutrition, exercise and more. It is my favorite tracking tool. I feel it gives me the best picture of the nutritional impact of my choices including Macronutrients and Micronutrients. It's about quality vs quantity.

  • Recommended by health magazines

  • Gives a better picture of quality of foods vs just quantity.

  • User friendly

  • The data base is not as robust as others, but it is more accurate. Cronometer only adds foods that have verified to have the correct nutritional information.

  • You may add own content, but it is not part of the larger database.

  • You may adjust macro goals to suit personal lifestyle

  • Free and Paid version

  • You set health and weight goals

Myfitnesspal - Myfitnesspal is the most well know and popular tracker, tracking exercise, water, calories, nutrition, and more.

  • The biggest, most robust database of the nutritional tracking apps

  • Not all items are verified and may have different nutritional information for the same item.

  • Has a great community. Users can link up with friends and see their progress and support each other.

  • Has nutritional reports, but not as easily accessible as Cronometer.

  • Users may set nutritional and weight goals

  • Free and Paid version

  • Because the database is so large and it is so user friendly I often recommend this app for new clients who have never tracked their food and exercise before.

Strava - Strava is an activity tracker that also analyzes your fitness activity, progress, and effectiveness of an exercise. It is mostly used by runners and cyclist, but they have expanded the exercises and it can be used by anyone.

  • Measure connects with your GPS on your phone to measure distance, elevation gain, etc.

  • Tracks your heart rate and compares it to similar exercises. This is very helpful to track progress with a certain activity or route.

  • Rates the difficulty of the activity. Sometimes we say we "exercised", but our heart rates never went up. That's good movement, but not cardiovascular exercise.

  • Has a great community. Support your friends in their activities, compete, and get tips and support.

  • Add your own routes.

  • I am and Apple Watch user, but I still use Strava because I feel it helps me see the cardiovascular progress or lack of better. The health data is very robust.

  • Uses information from other apps such as Apple Fitness as well as in app tracking.

  • Free and Paid versions.

Apple Fitness - Apple fitness is a full activity tracker and has the paid option of providing workouts. You must have an Apple Watch to use.

  • Tracks heart rate, breathing, oxygen levels, VO2 Max.

  • If you loved getting a star on your school paper or you love a high five then this is a great app!. When you have reached your goals such as stand, calories expended, and exercise the watch vibrates and makes a flaming circle. I'm not going to lie. This gives me and my husband great pleasure and we find it motivates us to close our rings.

  • The paid version for Apple Fitness has great exercises - yoga, strength training, core, running, walking, cycle, dance and more. We use these in place of going to the gym which helps balance the expense. $9.99 a month.

  • Has community. You can link up your watch to a friends. I really like this feature. I'm linked to 1 friend who always gives me high fives and says "Great job!" after I'm completed a work out and I'm linked up to 1 friend who says "Umm, haven't see you work out this week - did you die?". Both are helpful! lol. Accountability and community.

  • Does not track calories, but is fitness and exercise app.

Peleton - Did you know that you don't have to have Peloton equipment to use the app? And it is a great app!!

  • Gives you access to great classes, both recorded and ones that you can log into live.

  • I have an inexpensive, no frills spin bike and use it for the cycle classes - works great.

  • Strength classes, yoga, meditation, barre, pilates, running, cycling, walking, boxing, stretching, and bootcamp. These classes are well done and I feel like I've been to the gym.

  • $12.99 a month. We also use this app in place of a gym membership. It gives us variety combined with Apple Fitness.

  • Does not track calories, but does track fitness and has helpful metrics.

I am not an affiliate, I just love these apps! As a Certified Health Coach I find that most people know what they need to do to reach their goals, but struggle with self-discipline, motivation, and consistency. Using fitness apps, especially when connected to a community of like minded people, can help in all of these area.

What are your favorite fitness apps? Drop it in the comments.


If you find that you need a little extra help in these areas, consider coaching. A Health Coach is a cheerleader, guide, support and someone to help fill-in the gaps and provide some accountability to help you meet your goals, make lifestyle changes, and develop healthy habits. - Schedule an appointment.



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