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Monthly Tools are Wellness tools, recipes, tips, guides and more to help you as you walk out your wellness Journey! Download them now!

Each month there are new workbooks, meal plans, tips and more to help you succeed.  Grab them before the month ends! Current month tools will be removed the 25th of the month and the upcoming month's tools will be added.  This give you time to set a plan before the start of the new month. 


This Month we are Elevating our Effort: Join us now and get all the rest of the amazing tips, resources, support and information that I have to share yet this month.

PS. Check back throughout the month for new fun items! Items are removed the last Friday of the month and the next month's tools are posted.

Wellness Coach Disclaimer

Each month we have a different theme to help us on our wellness journey.  Grab your workbook here! 

This workbook was created to provide you with several tools and resources to help you stay on track this month.  

Dig in a little deeper and join us in my private group


with fun family activities to do all month long! Psst, Even if you are a family of one there are some great ideas!

MAR 2023 Family Calendar.png

Join our 7 Day challenge: Saving Time with Systems.  This workbook is a guide to use along with our challenge.  Email me for a copy and to join our group.



Sometimes keeping track of actions can help us change them into habits. Use this handy guide to help.

4 Week Simple Habit Tracker.png

Color code the moods you'd like to track and mark each day. At the end of the month give yourself a review.  Is there an area that needs to be worked on?

Mood Tracker.png

The purpose of this Accountability Workbook is to help you see results. Whether you are looking for more energy, better digestion, improved focus, or a jump start to weight loss, the Ready Set Wellness Experience and 7-Day Healthy Cleanse will help you level up your health and elevate your life mentally, emotionally, and socially. (For those using the Shaklee Protein, program, or products).

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 11.45.11 AM.png

You can boost your energy, burn more calories, relieve stress and improve your

Simple Desk Stretches.png

This form can help you create healthy habits by doing 1 thing at a time and feeling successful as you accomplish this goal.

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 11.50.09 AM.png

Plant based meals and ideas to help you stay on track with healthy meals.  While these are plant based you may easily add other proteins like chicken, beef, or seafood into the recipe as the main protein.  Did you miss last month's? Grab it here along with other yummy recipes.

Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 7.24.45 AM.png

This month we are giving our legs some love!

Fitness Challenge.png

Here is a fun way to challenge yourself in behaviors and in your Wellness Journey. See if you can get more points next month!

MAR 2023 - Daily Point Sheet.png

Studies show that that a few minutes outside each day can greatly impact our mood, productivity, and health.  Track yourself and spend some time outdoors.

Outdoors Tracker.png
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About Me

I help people create the habit of holistic wellness with joy, so that age is just a number.

As a Health Coach I work with individuals through the principles of Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition with a focus on attitude because that is usually where the true challenge is.  It gives me great joy to watch a client move through this process, going from the

thought/anticipation of exercising more, eating better, and having a healthier lifestyle; and then moving into the action/doing.  The success of seeing themselves meet a goal they have set or desired is where attitude begins to change.   I think of this journey like working in a garden, we are cultivating thoughts and yielding action.

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