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Monthly Tools are Wellness tools, recipes, tips, guides and more to help you as you walk out your wellness Journey! Download them now!

Each month there are new workbooks, meal plans, tips and more to help you succeed.  Grab them before the month ends! Current month tools will be removed the 25th of the month and the upcoming month's tools will be added.  This give you time to set a plan before the start of the new month. 


This Month we are Elevating our Effort: Join us now and get all the rest of the amazing tips, resources, support and information that I have to share yet this month.



PS. Check back throughout the month for new fun items! Items are removed the 25th of the month and the next month's tools are posted.

Wellness Coach Disclaimer

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Each month we have a different theme to help us on our wellness journey.  Grab your workbook here! 

This workbook was created to provide you with several tools and resources to help you stay on track this month.  

Dig in a little deeper and join us in my private Coaching Group.


No matter the size of your family, from you, you and your dog to you and your whole crew. This family calendar will give you some great ideas to ge

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Each month grab our fitness challenge to help keep you going!

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True wellness comes from a place of love, including love for yourself.

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Brief Action Plan -Goal Setting Worksheet
Is there anything you’d like to do for your health or well-being in the next week or two? If there isn’t anything you’d like to do for your health or well-being right now, you might want to consider this again in the future. Download this worksheet to help get you started.  Need help? Let's schedule a coaching session.

Past Exercise Challenge Sheets

Endurance Challenge
Stretching Challenge
HIIT challenge

Glutes Challenge

Legs Challenge

Pink Sofa

About Me

I help people create the habit of holistic wellness with joy, so that age is just a number.

As a Health Coach I work with individuals through the principles of Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition with a focus on attitude because that is usually where the true challenge is.  It gives me great joy to watch a client move through this process, going from the

thought/anticipation of exercising more, eating better, and having a healthier lifestyle; and then moving into the action/doing.  The success of seeing themselves meet a goal they have set or desired is where attitude begins to change.   I think of this journey like working in a garden, we are cultivating thoughts and yielding action.

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