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Go Play Outside

When I was a kid, you know...back in the olden times, we were told to go outside and play and all the parents and grandparents meant it- all day-go out!! We all left our houses and went out for adventure.

Our rule was come home for meals and when it got dark, then it was dinner, bath, a little TV, and bed! Rinse and Repeat.

Exceptions occurred: Baseball games, catching lightening bugs, eating watermelon after dinner outside with no shirt on- messes you know! Or nighttime tag and badminton -but the bats always tried to jump into the game. In other words, we were outside all the time.

Sometimes we were cowboys out west, or a beautiful princess in a castle with a scary dragon of course! Sometimes we strolled through a creek, walked in the woods, played "house", or just read a book in a tree. It was glorious!! Then we grew up! But being out side and re-learning how to play has great wellness benefits, so lets get outside and play!

Benefits of Play as an Adult

  • Learning to "play" again can relieve stress

  • Improve your brain function

  • Can help your remember how to cooperate with others

  • Helps your creativity

  • Stimulates your imagination

  • Can have a positive effect on your mental health

  • Help keep your bones and muscles strong

  • Help maintain a healthy weight

What is Play? According to Dr. Stuart Brown of the National Institute for Play - I'm not gonna lie, I lOOOOVE that there is an institute for play!!! According to Dr. Brown "Play is something done for its own's voluntary, pleasurable, offers a sense of engagement, it takes you out of time, and the act itself is more important than the outcome".

I like to go hiking, not because it's good exercise, but because I get lost in nature and my imagination. It is exhilarating. That's play. Play can have a similar impact as meditation does.

Benefits of being outside:

  • Can boost your vitamin D

  • May lower your blood pressure

  • May reduce your stress

  • Can improve your sleep

  • May reduce inflammation

  • Can help your focus

  • May help us heal more quickly

  • May help you enjoy better mobility as you age

  • People who spend time outdoors tend to feel more satisfied in life

  • Burns more calories

  • May help symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • People who spend time outside report feeling happier

  • May boost your immunity

Well, you can't beat that! It's good for you to play and it's good for you to be outside, you may as well combine them!

Aim for 120 minutes outside a week and don't let the cold stop you, there are extra benefits to taking a walk in the cold! We already know that walking is beneficial to our health, try taking a walk in a forrest, along a beach, through a park, etc. and remember to play! Find an activity you enjoy, put down the electronic devices and just go have fun!

Suggestions: hiking, swimming, golf, disc golf, surfing, frisbee, read a book outside, paint outside, yoga outside, and jogging, horseback riding.

Tell me how it went! Post to social media and tag me on Instagram @lwburbach.


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