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Plateaus to Progress

Do you ever feel like this picture? You're on a long flat road and your goals are way off in the distance? Don't get upset, plateaus are part of progress.

Let's use working out as an example:

A workout plateau happens when your body adjusts to the demands of your current exercise. You might start to feel unmotivated, bored, blah, and simply not getting results. It’s okay it happens to all of us! This is just your current roadblock and a sign that things need to be re-evaluated and changed up!

That's it exactly, when we hit a plateau we are very aware of it because we had been making progress and it felt good and exciting, but all of a sudden we are aware that we are no longer seeming to move forward. If you stay the course you are moving forward! Don't let your plateau derail you. Think of it as a Rest Stop on your highway.

Reaching a plateau is a great place to stop, reassess, create updated goals and plans, check in with your why - sometimes it changes, rest a little, and then take your plateau to progress.

What it might look like to Plateau

  • IF you no longer feel motivated, like ever. IF you are bored with your plans, like workouts, food, or habits you are trying to create.

  • IF you aren’t making any progress or seeing results.

  • IF you don’t feel challenged or pushed.

Why am I Plateauing?

  • If it is your workout, your body has adapted to the demands of your current workouts.

  • You haven’t changed your training style, weights, or intensity

  • If you're creating a new habit you may have reached a level or goal and need to add on to the habit.

  • It's possible you have tried too hard and not given yourself grace, have over-trained, not rested, or not had enough of the right foods, etc.

  • It is possible your goal was unrealistic and you need to be honest and be OK with changing up your goals.

Moving Past the Plateau

  • Reanalyze your goal: Is it unrealistic? On a scale of 1-10 how likely is it you will follow through? If your answer is below 7, you need to tweak your plan.

  • Track your progress.

  • Remember your why.

  • Remember to rest and not push yourself too hard.

  • Did you reach a goal and not realize it?

  • Is it time to set the next goal?

Your goals should be challenging but not so hard that you won't follow through. I recommend setting small goals. Ask yourself what is 1 thing you'd like to work on over the next two weeks, then make a plan and follow that. In two weeks check in with yourself or a friend and see where you are. 2 weeks at a time.

Sometimes reaching a goal is a reward itself, like buying that special thing you've been saving for. But make sure you always have some way to celebrate the goal. So if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you could reward yourself with a shopping spree to get new clothes that you feel amazing in. Dig deep into what your goal means to you and choose an appropriate reward.

You've got this! Take the pause your plateau allows, understanding it means progress, reassess, reward yourself as you go, and be excited by the work you are doing!


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