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What is a food craving? Food Cravings are an intense desire for a food, especially at that moment. Cravings can be for many different reasons, including your body's need for a particular nutrient or simply you need more energy. It can also be for emotional reasons, or resolving a certain emotion, because of the smell, or other triggers.

Everyone (90% of us- studies show) has cravings from time to time and it isn't always unhealthy to give in to your craving, but it's important to pause and think about why you have this desire and if it is wise to follow through.

Giving in to cravings are the secret sabotage of most people’s nutrition plans. We might not always be able to control our cravings - or so we think, but we can nourish our bodies in a way that reduces them significantly or healthily satisfies them. We can control how we react to them.

That means understanding where these cravings are coming from and what they mean in the first place. Here is a chart to help.

Try not to fall into the trap of naming certain foods as "bad" or "off limits", unless you have a medical reason to do so. Instead, try to allow yourself treats from time to time and learn to listen to the wisdom of your body.

Giving in to a craving is not a sign of weakness or failure or lack of self control, but cravings are actually very complex, involving hunger, emotions, hormones, reward centers of our brain, and more!

As we develop healthier eating habits our body likes it and will send us healthy cues; cravings. But when we have unhealthy eating habits our "cues" tend to be less healthy cravings. By making wise choices and using mindful eating practicis we can feel comfortable satisfying those cravings when appropriate, and we can be in control of the decision.

So, no worries! Cravings are normal part of life and you are in control!


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