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Why You Should Open Your Blinds

I know we all value our privacy, but do you leave your blinds closed all day as a result? You may want to reconsider.

Save some money!

Opening the blinds in the morning and letting the sun come in can help heat your house during the day. During the summer, it will keep things cooler if you close the blinds at least part of the day, but find times to open them.

Help Keep your Home Germ Free!

This is one of those Grandma knew what she was doing things. Science is backing her up! Direct sunlight through your window can kill some bacteria reducing the amounts of live bacteria in your home. The dust is impacted too! Did you know that the dust in dark spaces is more likely to contain organisms closely related to types associated with respiratory diseases.

Helps with Dampness!

Some homes are prone to dampness, opening the blinds and letting Sun in on a regular basis can help reduce the dampness.

Focus, Focus, Focus!

Letting natural daylight in to our homes has been proven to improve our focus and productivity, and lift that hazy feeling. With many people working from home this is a great reason to let the light in.

Your Health is impacted!

  • Blood pressure: Direct sunlight can help lower blood pressure by impacting/altering the levels of nitric Oxide in the skin and blood.

  • Mood: Studies show that just 3o minutes of being in sunlight can reduce our anxiety. Having the light come in has also been show to increase feelings of happiness.

  • Immunity: Time in the sun not only impacts our vitamin D, but helps our T-Cells be active.

  • Better Sleep: Allowing natural light in helps our circadian rhythm. A study showed that people who are exposed to natural light slept an average of 46 minutes longer per night.

In our house we have the window shades/blinds wide open every day and at night we use blinds that open from the top as well as the bottom, we leave about 6 inches down at the top and wake up with the sun! In addition to open windows for fresh air I live for the sunshine!

Wishing you sunny days!


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