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The Menu

This week's menu for the week of April 15

By: Purple Carrot - #meatlessmonday

30 Minutes

Serves 2

Easy to Moderate

This is a skillet pizza with a chickpea flour base -No, don't wrinkle your nose, it's really good!. This meal is gluten free and packed with protein! Give it a whirl for #meatlessmonday.


30 Minutes

Serves 6


I really do like Pampered Chef recipes, they are easy and always look like you worked much harder than you did.  This recipe is no different.  It was a quick and easy but still tasty meal. This calls for pre-made Alfredo, but you could make your own if you like.  We made an exchange though; spinach for broccoli.  You could use either vegetable or add something new.  This dish would be easy to play around with.


1 Hour 15 Minutes

Serves 6-8

Easy to Moderate

I love the Hairy Bikers! They have great recipes and when I started looking for vegetarian recipes that my meat loving man would enjoy without feeling deprived, they came to the rescue! Learn more about the Hairy Bikers


By: The Food Network and Bobby Flay

55 Minutes

Serves 4

Easy #fish

I am a Bobby Flay fan! I didn't realize it at first, but the more I try his recipes the more I want! We try to add fish in at least once a week to up our Omega 3's and salmon is usually pretty easy to buy and cook. This recipe has a few ingredients that may not be a staple in your home, but I encourage you to branch out and try new things.


By: Olive Garden - No,'s a recipe - we didn't go out to eat.

Campellini Pomodoro - Vegetarian, but great with chicken or sausage

20 Minutes

Serves 4


This is one of my favorite quick meals.  I like it for its simpleness and full flavor.  This dish is especially good in the summer when you can use fresh tomatoes.  Try using different types of pastas, each one makes the dish taste a little different, but always good.

We like to add cooked Kielbasa or Sweet Italian Sausage and add it to this dish if we are in the mood to "beef it up".

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