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Step-up Your Springtime Mood

Our body and mind are very connected! When we don't move our bodies, our mind feels sluggish too, and can even contribute to feeling blue. Fortunately, that's an easy fix! We can step-up our Springtime mood!

You don't have to be a marathon runner or a major gym addict to get the benefits either! As a matter of fact, studies show that even if you have a great workout every day, it is hard to overcome a sedentary lifestyle. In other words, it's not enough. We need to make movement part of our daily habits.

This can include things like:

  • Yardwork

  • Playing outside - grownups play! Frisbee, hiking, wiffle ball!

  • Gardening

  • Bike ride

  • Walk in the park

  • Park farther away

  • Take the stairs

  • Wash the Car

  • Walking lunges down a hallway

  • Squats while brushing your teeth

  • Stretch while watching TV

Being outdoors in connection with movement also has benefits! Experience the sounds, smells, and feels for better health. Don't forget to catch some sunshine.

Sunshine as a stress reducer:

  • Increases Vitamin D levels, which reduces inflammation and stress.

  • Triggers the serotonin neurotransmitter for an improved mood boost

  • Regulates your circadian rhythm for a better quality of sleep at night

  • Releases nitric oxide in your blood, which lowers your blood pressure

Fresh Air Benefits:

  • Lowers your heart rate

  • Can increase your energy

  • Improve your digestion

  • May boost your immune system

  • Increases feelings of happiness

  • Clear your lungs

  • Help sharpen your mind

Together, by staying active and taking time outdoors you can increase your feelings of happiness, boost your immunity, help your heart and lungs, and more. So get out there and step up your springtime mood (and all the rest of the year too)!

Challenge: Do an extra 30 minutes of movement today, preferably outside! Check-in and reach out with any questions!


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