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"Standing Over Here Rusting for the Longest Time" - The Tin Man

Do you feel like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz? "oil can....Oil cccaaann"! Maybe you have said this "Well, I'm down here, what else can I do while I'm down here"? Do you make more noise than your cereal? Hmmm what's a person to do.

You don't want to hear it....ready? Exercise! Wait! Hear me out. Did you know that your joints have something called synovial fluid and when you bend and use your joints it's like the oil can for the Tin man? Joint pain and stiffness can be reduced by movement! When you move you increase the circulation of the fluid around your joints which can help ease the pain and stiffness.

The more you do the easier it will be to do more and the more you do it the more you want to do it. Just do it

Exercise doesn't have to mean going to the gym, getting buff, running races; it can if you like that, but the best exercise is the one you'll do. Think of it as play time. Gardening, golf, basketball, or a nice walk are all good exercise and can improve your blood circulation and your mood. Even Little movements throughout the day can help you stay fit. Imagine, 10 minutes a day of stretching, gripping, and flexing could translate into 5 pounds less of fat gain per year and be the difference between flabby and fit muscles. You can do almost anything for 10 minutes, so get moving! Need some suggestions? Here are three of my favorite ways to move during your day:

Walk while you wait. Don’t just stand there, get moving! Instead of simply standing and waiting, pace the room, sway back-and-forth, do some kind of movement.

Use your timer. Try setting a timer for 5 minutes, walk until it goes off and turn around and go back-a total of 10 minutes. If you do this 3 times in a day you will have walked 30 minutes!!

Flex while you stand or sit. While waiting around, do squats, and go up and down on your toes and flex your knees. While sitting, arch your feet up and down, which flexes the muscles in the front and back of your legs. This exercise reduces the likelihood of blood clots in your legs – this is especially important when sitting for extended periods of time (like on a long plane ride).

Enjoy stair-stepping. Make a few extra trips up and down the stairs. Before getting on an airplane or bus, walk around the waiting area for a while.

Fidget more. Really, just move more throughout the day, ever little bigt helps your body.

Of course these time-saving maneuvers are just a few ways to incorporate movement into your day, but it’s a start!


Listen to your Dr. and to your body, but remember that sometimes your brain lies and tells you your body said it doesn't want to move. It does, once you get going your body will thank you.

So don't just stand there and rust - keep moving!

Adapted from Dr Sears Wellness Institute. This is not intended to treat, diagnose, or mitigate symptoms and is written as encouragement and not medical advice.


Contains concentrated glucosamine and a patented, fast-acting form of boswellia extract shown in a clinical study to significantly improve joint comfort in as few as five days.*† Improves joint mobility and flexibility while  supporting long-term joint health.*

Independent Shaklee Distributor


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