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A Look at Superfoods: Avocado

Superfoods: Avocado 


A 16 week look at Superfoods


This Week’s Featured Superfood: Avocado

Avocado’s can sometimes be vilified because of the high fat content, but have no fear this superfood is here to save the day!  Avocados contain 20 essential nutrients, have more potassium than bananas, and contain vitamins A, Bs, E plus folic acid.  Enjoy, but as with anything remember moderation.

Mono-unsaturated Fats –  Shown to be beneficial to the heart when eaten in moderation and a replacement for saturated fats (though recent research is showing saturated fat to be safer than once thought).  Can help lower LDL cholesterol and reduce risks of stroke and heart attack, may improve function of blood vessels and may help insulin levels

Potassium –  Helps the heart, kidneys, cells, digestive system, muscles, and regulates flood balance and blood pressure.  Potassium has may help reduce the risk of stroke.

Vitamin C – Good for eye health, cardiovascular health,  repairs and regenerates tissue, decreases LDL, decrease triglycerides, is an antioxidant working against free radicals and may protect against certain types of cancer.  Vitamin C also may help reduce the effects of nitrates in food and aids in the absorption of Iron.

Vitamin A – Vital in the growth of bone, key for good vision, important for a healthy immune system,  helps our skin and mucus membranes by protecting against bacteria and viruses and is helpful in reproduction.

Lutine -Zeaxanthin –  may help prevent age related Macular Degeneration and cataracts and may help prevent clogging of the arteries of the neck and may help the health of your skin.

Magnesium – Is important for muscle function and health, improves energy, and regulates of calcium, potassium, and sodium.



and don’t forget Avocado toast and Guacamole!


What is a Superfood?

A superfood is defined as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being – Mcmillian Dictionary.

Dr. William Sears, in his book Prime Time Health, describes Superfoods as:

  1. Nutrient Dense

  2. Nutrients that have proven benefits

  3. Made by nature, not a factory

  4. Taste good & satisfying

  5. May be able to be prepared in a variety of ways

  6. Contains no ingredients harmful to health

While we receive vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fats from our foods, some foods have been proven to provide extra health benefits, these foods are the superfoods. They have properties that  may be anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and anti-Alzheimer, lower highs, and raise lows in our body.

Let’s be clear, when I say superfood I do not mean magical foods that cure-all, nor do I  mean a diet consisting of one food, like the old “Grapefruit Diet”.  The truth is, that these foods work best when part of a healthy, whole food, plant-based diet full of variety and by diet I mean lifestyle eating habits, not a short-term solution.  Just eat food that rots, but eat it before it does!

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