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This Week's Menu: Week of April 29th

Enjoy this Week's menu!

Recipes curated and/or created for you to save you valuable time during the week. I do the research, test the recipes, and then share them with you with tips to help you out! - Enjoy this week's menu!



Time: 30 minutes

Ease: Simple


  • Quick and easy dish would work well as a lunch too.

  • Serve with a nice salad or pasta salad

  • Vegetarian, but the cheeses may be swapped out for vegan choices.


Honey Garlic Shrimp by Sally's Baking Addiction

Time: 20 Minutes

Ease: Simple


  • Serve with Rice and/or a salad


Quiche Leekraine by Jamie Oliver

Time:40 Minutes

Ease: Simple



  • This is my go-to quiche, it is quick easy and doesn't take tons of steps and effort!

  • The recipe is in grams, if you don't have a kitchen scale it is easy to google the equivalent in cups.


Time: 45 Minutes

Ease: Simple


  • I use whatever fish we have on hand for most fish recipes, if I'm out of fish I will buy the one the recipe calls for.

  • Fennel is easy to use and have a pleasant flavor, if you are a fennel newbie don't be afraid and give it a try!


Garlic Ginger Potstickers by the Damn Delicious

Time: 40 minutes

Ease: Simple


  • Serve with a veggie tray for an easy finger food night.

  • May serve with rice and miso soup too, for a more complete meal


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