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What’s for Dinner? Creamy Spinach Pasta, Red Wine Braised Flank Steak Sandwiches & Black

511 pasta salad

Meatless Monday

Time: 20 Minutes


Review:  I was a little hesitant to serve a pasta salad as the main dish for dinner, but it worked very well.  It has been in the upper 80s this week here in NC and a nice cool pasta salad on the deck was the perfect dish.  There is room to play around with this dish and add other things you may like,  my husband  added olives and cheese and I added some cheese!  The Rotel gives it the perfect amount of heat.  I think you will find this a great summer dish and perfect to take to a picnic!

511 spinach pasta

Keeping it Light!

Time: 30 – 40 Minutes


Review:  OK, we did meatless twice this week!  And everyone lived!  Pampered Chef has some fun and easy recipes that often look like you worked much harder than you did, that’s a win!  However, many of the dishes are loaded with fat, but this dish is from their Lite cookbook and was a healthier take on a nice creamy dish.  I made a couple adaptations; use frozen spinach instead of creamed spinach and add a little milk if not the consistency you would like and use half fat free cream cheese and half low-fat.  It is still a tasty, creamy dish.

511 braised flank steak sandwiches

The Indulgence!

Time: 4 Hours

Moderate Skill

Review: Yuuuummmmy!  Review is complete.  OK, well maybe not.  This dish takes time, but part of the time is while it is in the oven and you can go about doing other things.  Many of the dishes by Tom Colicchio take time and loving care, but the results are well worth it.  The only change I made was the cheese, my cheese loving husband somehow doesn’t like Gruyere, so I used Cheddar.  If there are no objections I think the Gruyere is better, but it is still good no matter what.  This is a dish that will redefine sandwiches; sandwiches can be the masterpiece of your dinner!

Have you tried any dishes from Bringing Back Dinner?  If so let us know by posting a pic on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #bringingbackdinner

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