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Roasted Salmon Review – Hello Fresh

bbd salmon 1


Time:  35 Minutes

Ease:  Moderate

Review:  I found this recipe through Hello Fresh, one of the popular subscription meal box services available online.  I have not subscribed to the service, but I like the recipe options they have available.  They seem to be pretty healthy and fresh.

The flavors of this dish were great and overall it was pretty easy to make.  The biggest issue to watch is that there are several steps and it can be a little challenging to feel that everything is running efficiently.  If you subscribe to the service each ingredient is exactly what you need which would help with organization in the kitchen.

Here are few tips:

  1.  Olive is is a great choice for any dish, it is a monounsaturated fatty acid and can lower LDL and have an impact on blood pressure.  It is also anti-inflammatory and can help keep the lining of the arteries smooth.  Watch your temperature as you cook, cooking beyond the smoke point can cause the oil to lose its health benefits and may produce chemicals that could be harmful.  The higher the quality of olive oil the higher the smoke point.

  2. This recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon of butter and new science has found that saturated fat isn’t as bad as we thought, but if you are worried about it, you can replace it with olive oil or lower the amount and mix with olive oil.

  3. When you pull the Salmon out of the oven you may see white goo on the top.  No worries, it is albumin, which is protein that comes to the surface from the muscle fibers.  It is harmless coagulated protein and even the most perfectly cooked fish is prone to it.  Try not to over cook as this will make it worse.  To learn more visit America’s Test Kitchen.

  4. Watch the potatoes.  I had small potatoes, but needed more that 15 minutes for them to become tender.

  5. My biggest struggle with this recipe was the size of my pot.  I used a large pot to blanch the green beans and boil the potatoes then tried to use the same pot to cook the tomatoes and crisp the green beans in.  There was not enough room in my pot to spread things out enough and I suggest using 1 pot and 1 large bottomed pan.

  6. Watching your carbs or fat?  This dish may scare you both away, coming in at 41 grams carbs and 34 grams fats, but keep in mind these are “right” or “good” carbs and fats.  Meaning they are complex carbohydrates and more Omega 3, healthy fats than other fats.  Studies also show that when you combine carbs with fat and protein it slows down the process of converting the carbs into sugars. Plus there is a whopping 41 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber! So enjoy this nice heart, brain, colon, inflammation friendly meal!

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