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Leeks: What to do with Them

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Do you say “What the heck is a leek?” “What do I do with them?”, or maybe you just thought they were fat green onions? Maybe you are already a Leek aficionado, whichever one you are you should know they are just plain good for you!  Leeks are milder than onions and a great choice for people who want the flavor, but not so strong.  So let’s talk about leeks!

What are they: Leeks are classified as Allium amperloprsum var. porrum or also as Allium porrum, they are part of the onion family and have been consumed for at least 4000 years. Leeks have even been found in dried form in Egyptian tombs! Today Leeks are eaten nearly the whole world over.

Why eat them:

  1. Rich in Vitamins A, C, and K

  2. Good source of fiber

  3. Contain Iron and Manganese

  4. High in Potassium

  5. Source of Vitamin B6

  6. Contain Inulin which helps our mood

  7. Good for digestion

  8. Can help eyesight

  9. Foods from the Allium family have been shown to help prevent certain cancers

  10. Contain Organosulfer compounds which are helpful in lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels

Who Knew?

  1. Ladies would slip a Leek under their pillow in the Middle Ages because it would help them dream of their future husband!

  2. Historically leeks have been used by herbalists to treat parasites, inflammation, as a Vasodilator, antispasmodic and other uses similar to the use of garlic.

  3. Nero ate so many leeks that his nickname was Leek Eater (Porrophagus). He believed it would improve his singing voice

  4. Aristotle believed the Partridge had such a clear voice because of a diet of leeks

What to do with them:

Leek Recipes:

How to cut and clean Leeks.  Because of the size and layers dirt gets trapped between them, always clean before use.

  1. Quiche Leekraine by Jamie Oliver this is my go-to quiche recipe.  Even if I don’t have leeks, it’s a great base.

  2. Potato and Leek Soup by Emeril Also one of my favs!

  3. Creamy One Pot Spaghetti with Leeks by Food and Wine Magazine: Ashley Rodriguez

  4. Parmesan Leek Gratin by Food and Wine Magazine: Magnus Nilsson

  5. Thomas Keller’s Leek Bread Pudding from Food 52

  6. Hugh acheson’s Leek Salad with Persimmons and Almonds from Food and Wine Magazine

  7. Momofuku’s Pickled Leek/Ramps

  8. Mushroom and Leek Tart by Rachel Ray

  9. 12 Leek Recipes you need in your life RN by Brith + CO

  10. Leek Recipes and Basics by Martha Stewart


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Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m an Independent Shaklee Distributor and Certified Health Coach. My absolute joy is partnering with people to realize their own self-value. I believe that as we love ourselves we are loving to ourselves and from there we are more able to eat well, exercise, and take care of our physical selves. It is my goal to touch the lives of others and help people live healthier lives longer!! Through Shaklee, I have an excellent partner that shares my passions of environment and health and I look forward to sharing that with you.


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