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Foods to help catch some Zzzzzs

Do you struggle catching some Zzzzs? Try being mindful about the foods you eat. Some foods can keep you awake and others can help you catch a good night's sleep.

If you struggle with sleep try paying attention to the foods you eat at the end of the day. Make a plan to avoid certain foods and include others. Try tracking your progress to get a better feel for what works. There are some great sleep tracking apps out there too.

Let's start with foods to avoid:

  • Chocolate - Caffeine and high sugar can make it more difficult to sleep.

  • Caffeinated Coffee/Tea - Watch that caffeine! Try to stop early in the afternoon.

  • Fatty foods - Fatty foods take longer to digest and make getting to sleep more difficult.

  • Acidic foods - Especially if you are prone to acid reflux

  • Alcohol - While alcohol may make some people sleepy, it doesn't last and can disturb sleep patterns.

Foods to help you catch some Zzzzz's

  • Kiwi -A study in Norway found that people who eat a Kiwi an hour before bed reported better sleep quality, fell asleep faster, and stayed asleep better.

  • Bananas - Banana sometimes get a bad reputation, but are nutrient dense and digest quickly. The Magnesium is a plus for sleep.

  • Nuts - Many nuts contain zinc, potassium, and magnesium as well as providing a natural source of melatonin.

  • Malted Milk - We've all heard about the warm glass of milk trick, but Malted Milk some studies show better sleep quality. Go ahead and get a double dose; milk plus malted powder!

  • Tart Cherries -There are multiple studies showing that tart cherry can help people fall asleep better, stay asleep longer, and have better sleep quality! Plus Tart Cherry can help reduce onset of muscle soreness from exercise and support recovery. Tart Cherry is a good source of melatonin and increases your natural levels.

  • Whole Grains - Whole grains can help your body process tryptophan (that Thanksgiving turkey makes me sleepy thing). Try a bowl of oatmeal or a slice of whole grain bread (really whole grain, not soft squishy wheat bread).

  • Turkey - OK, poultry. I had to add it. It has high levels of tryptophan which can make you feel sleepy.

Sleep well!


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