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Date Night Even During a Pandemic

A.K.A: Really?!! We see each other every day all day long #workfromhome

It's been almost a year now since lockdowns began and #workfromhome became something we never imagined it would be. Sure we all dream of that perfect work from home job, but we imagine a beautiful office, working on our own schedule, and work lunches with champagne at an outdoor cafe or poolside-OK, well I do. (Well... truthfully, I already get some of that, I'm working on the rest.) What many of us got was desks in closets and Zoom meetings with the kids, cats, and dogs! My husband jogs through the house 3-4 times a day and we have to time my Zoom meetings around it or have everyone wave to him.

This year we also got to have time together, lots and lots of time. (We are still having lots, and lots of time together).

We are empty nesters and I can't even begin to imagine the difficulty of adding homeschooling and caring for the family and house while also working full time from home!! Even without kids and pets this past year has been a complete change for us all and I see the importance of Date Night even more.

Well, then...why date night, we already see each other all day long??!!

  • Builds communication

  • Turn the focus towards each other

  • Studies show that date Nights increase intimacy

  • You make each other and your marriage priority

  • It's a chance to shut out business and have fun

  • Builds friendship, which is key in a long lasting and healthy relationship

  • For women especially, Date Night can spark romance for the rest of the week

  • Strengthens your commitment


  • Leave the phones in another room or turn them off if you can

  • Make it an event, a planned event. Part of the fun is the anticipation. Put it on the calendar!

  • Keep it fun, it isn't a time to solve all your marital problems or list your grievances. Make a separate time for that.

  • Have fun

Date Night at Home Ideas:

  • Make a themed dinner. For example, play Mexican Restaurant music on Taco Tuesday and dress up the table with festive colors.

  • Try changing the location. Put a blanket on the floor and have a picnic or put candles on the coffee table and sit on the floor.

  • Game night and finger food

  • Take a virtual tour - We have used Google Maps, Street view to visit far away places.

  • Visit a museum virtually. Get dressed up and go online to take the museum tour. Many have 3D tours.

  • Order takeout instead of going out, but make it an "Event", play some music and have fun.

  • Take an online class together.

  • Make a movie night. Fix popcorn, turn off the lights and "go" to the movies.

  • "Go" to the theater. Try streaming a Broadway play, musical, or concert.

  • Try a Subscription Date Night box. They have everything from Dinner boxes, to game nights, to Sexy boxes.

  • Try having appetizers, drinks, dinner, and dessert and prepare it all together. Or have one parent get the kids settled in bed or with activities in another room and then work on it together. It's good for your children to see and hear you make your relationship with each other a priority.

What are your ideas? Share with us creative ways you've kept the spark alive during the pandemic.


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