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Awww Nuts!!!

Awww nuts man!! I can't eat nuts...don't you know they are loaded with fat!! OK, Let's talk about fat then!

  • Fat is a nutrient like protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

  • Fat is part of every cell in your body.

  • Fat supplies energy you need fat to be able to absorb certain vitamins (A, D, E, K)

  • Fat helps you have healthy skin and hair at is digested slowly, making you feel more full

  • Fat makes food taste good

  • Fat makes up 60% of brain tissue.

  • Among other things, healthy fats help your heart and your brain to function optimally, so we don’t want to avoid fats altogether.

  • Fat is needed to build cell membranes, the vital exterior of each cell, and the sheaths surrounding nerves. It is essential for blood clotting, muscle movement, and inflammation.

 You may consider skipping the nuts because of the fat content, but I'd like you to reconsider.  The main thing is moderation!  

What about Saturated Fat?

There is a lot of debate these days regarding saturated fat and some saturated fat is important to our bodies, but don't go crazy.  Use in moderation and be wise, including coconut oil.  When possible it is probably still wise to choose unsaturated fats like olive oil and NEVER choose hydrogenated fats!!

Here is a great video from SciShow, one of my favorite resources!


Time: 14 minutes

Ease: simple

Review:  This is a quick and easy sweet snack.  It isn't too sweet, just a touch.  If you are used to very sweet candied nuts, you may be a little disappointed, but it is a good treat to ease yourself into cutting back on sugars while still having a sweet treat.  It is very easy to make and would be a great gift or food to take to parties.

Make sure to taste the nuts to get the appropriate seasoning.

Time: About an hour

Ease: Simple

Review: Don't think "Curry, I don't like curry", this snack is really different, the lemon juice gives it a tangy flavor and the curry doesn't scream curry.  My husband who usually prefers sweet things really liked this snack.  I think it will become a regular in our home!  You could experiment with other seasonings that may go well with lemon juice, which you make a paste with.

Tips:  Different types of curry will change the flavor.  I personally like a sweet curry, but this is the basic curry from the grocery.  Try going to a spice shop and experiment with different types of curry or try making your own blend.

When looking for curry recipes to make your own spice blend try searching British sites, like BBC or Google UK.  The British know their curry!

Time: 10-20 minutes, including prep time

Ease: Simple

Review: I love pesto and as pesto goes, this is pretty good.  Watch your salt levels with this dish and taste along the way to balance the flavors; garlic, basil, etc.  The flavor is a little different and has a hint of pistachio flavor, which I don't mind because they are basically the crack of the nut world!  The recipe is meant to be made into a pasta dish, but I used it as a spread and that worked very well.  Easy to make and a nice flavor.


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