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Weekly Menu - Week of April 22nd

Enjoy this Weekly Menu! Recipes curated and/or created for you to save you valuable time during the week. I do the research, test the recipes, and then share them with you with tips to help you out! - Enjoy!



Taco Salad by: Love and Lemons #meatlessmonday

Time: 25 minutes

Ease: Simple - Moderate


  • The recipe calls for Tamari, but soy sauce may be used as a substitution.

  • The "meat" is a shitake, walnut blend. If you have a nut sensitivity you may skip this, the recipe also has black beans.


Gigantic Meatballs by Dan Pelosi

Time: 40 Minutes

Ease: Simple


  • There is a recipe for marinara sauce or you can use your favorite or favorite jar sauce.

  • These can be served with pasta, a good salad, or on hoagie rolls


Chicken and Swiss Chard Enchiladas by Annie Starke, Magnolia Network

Time:40 Minutes

Ease: Simple



  • Have you ever cooked with Swiss Chard? It can be a new idea to some, but swiss chard can have a lovely flavor and something different to your dish. If you aren't sure you are ready to switch your tortilla for swiss chard try chopping it up and cooking it in with your chicken and wrap in a traditional tortilla.


Time: 30 Minutes

Ease: Simple

Easy clean up too! Cook and serve the dish in parchment paper.


  • The recipe calls for Emeril's Creole seasoning and has the recipe attached, but you can use your favorite Creole seasoning as a substitution.


Thai Peanut Flatbreads by the Purple Carrot

Time: 25 minutes

Ease: Simple


  • Thai chili peppers are hot! Start with a small bit or use red pepper flakes if you are sensitive to hot foods.

  • This is a vegan dish, but feel free to add some cheese or sub your fav protein.


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