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Weekly Meal Ideas

Lisa Wright Burbach, Certified Health Coach

Welcome to your weekly meal ideas! Bringing Back Dinner was started to help some friends get ideas for what to make for dinner. It has grown over the years to include holistic health and wellness. I've decided to make sure I'm keeping a space for the original heart of this blog, which is bringing back dinner to our homes. The dinner table is meant to be a place of stories, pouring out our hearts, laughter, confession, news and more! The number one rule is "What happens at the table, stays at the table"! Let's make the dinner table a safe place and I'll help make your meal time easier.

Recipes may be doubled or cut in half to accommodate the size of your family.

Full downloadable Meal Guide is at the bottom of the blog.

This Week:

Kimchi Quesadillas by Purple Carrot

Time: 30 Minutes

Ease: Simple

Serve: 2 (Easily doubles)

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish with fermented vegetables such as cabbage. Eating fermented foods can help improve your gut health. Kimchi is smelly, like most fermented foods, but once you blend it in to your recipe it you won't notice. Try it, it's yummy!

Mushrooms and Dumplin's by Bringing Back Dinner

Time: 40 Minutes

Ease: Average

Serve: 4-5

This dish is vegetarian and with the use of vegetable broth can be vegan. It uses mushrooms as the main component of the dish to make a plant based play on chicken and dumplings. Tip: Try using a variety of types of mushrooms for something different.

Beet Burgers by Purple Carrot

Time: 35 Minutes

Ease: Average

Serve: 2

I hated beets!! But over the past 2 years I've learned that if you cook them creatively they can be good, which is great because they are a healthy addition to our lifestyle. This recipe is from Purple Carrot, but there are lots of good ones out there.

Miso Glazed Salmon By The Food Network: Bobby Flay

Time: 55 Minutes

Ease: Easy

Serve: 4

Miso is a fermented paste that should be in everyone's pantry! Miso is an ingredient traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese cooking and is nutrient rich and may help gut health. Once you start using Miso you'll find places to use it on a regular basis in your cooking.

Time: 1 1/2 hours, but you can take shortcuts

Ease: Medium difficulty

Serve: 4

Homemade curries and sauces are so amazingly more tasty that store bought and worth the time. If you absolutely don't have the time, there are some good Tikka Masala sauces in jars at the grocery and no guilt, sometimes we just need to save time.

Tips: "Bunch coriander" - this is cilantro, the English call it Coriander and Americans differentiate between the green leafy parts and the seed, which we call Coriander.

Time Saving Tip: Try cooking the chicken in the air fryer while you make the sauce and then add the chicken to the sauce at the end.

The weekly Meal Guide includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas plus snacks!

Check the blog next week for more ideas!

And don't forget to visit our Recipes page!


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