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Stewardship: Earth, Body, & Community

According to : "Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment and nature,[1][2] economics,[3][4] health,[5] property,[6] information,[7] theology,[8] etc."

A steward is someone who looks after, has responsibility, accountability, and care for the property of others.  A steward is you.  We are each stewards of our planet, our community, or finances, health, the information we pass along, our spiritual life, in our workplaces and more.   We think it is ours, but we are all connected.

In America Stewardship is in direct conflict with our culture, yet people value it leading to a struggle in our hearts and minds.  We are all about "I" and "me" and "my", yet we develop committees to save the environment, take care of land and animals, create a sound economy....  Somewhere we understand that we have a responsibility towards people and things outside of ourselves, we are stewards.

My challenge to you is to up your game as a steward!  Here are some ways we could be better stewards.  I challenge you to work on these areas for 30 days and see how you feel physically and emotionally at the end.  As we treat others well, look outside of ourselves, and remember kindness we begin to feel better too! Try writing down how you feel today and then again in 30 days.

Be a Steward of the Environment:

  • Reduce, recycle, reuse - Pay attention to  your packaging, try composting, remember your grandparents who saved everything and reused them; try it.  You can go to Pinterest for ideas or try having a neighborhood reuse and create day.

  • Walk more, share a ride

  • Use reusable bags

  • Don't litter

  • Turn off those lights when you leave a room and turn off your electrical strips at night.

  • Keep reusable cutlery with you and a cup for eating fast food

Be a Steward of your body:

You may think "It is my body and it doesn't matter"  it does, just ask your friends and families whose hearts are connected to yours.

  • Exercise - this can be any from of movement that you do on a regular basis and makes you happy.  Try frisbee, running, nature walks, yoga, gardening, play outside with your kids.  Just keep moving.

  • Eat well - Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes and try using meats as more of a side dish, reverse your plate! Use moderation, portion control.  Don't vilify foods and remember treats are occasional items, but should be part of your life.

Be a Steward of your mental well being:

  • Spend time with friends

  • Find your purpose

  • Allow yourself to care for others

  • Meditate/pray

  • Talk to someone

  • Don't be afraid to get help if you need it

  • Laugh - have fun and be silly,

Be a Steward of our community:

  • Property - This should not need to be addressed, but I find people are careless in this regard.If you use it put it back

  • Don't vandalize - write on desks, etc.

  • If it breaks let someone know, replace it.

  • Pick up your trash and throw it away in the proper receptacles

  • Leave it better than you found it

Be a Steward of Information:

  • Surrounded by accounts of "fake news",  over embellished news etc. this is a key point for today.T

  • Tell the truth

  • Don't repeat something unless you have researched it yourself to know if it is true

  • Ask yourself "Why am I sharing this information,  does it help anyone, encourage anyone?"  If it is for the purpose of starting an argument, inciting anger or creating conflict.  Let it go!

  • If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!

General Stewardship:

  • Pay it forward

  • Be kind, courteous, and helpful

  • Let others go first

  • Mind your manners

  • Say "Please"Say  "Thank you"

  • Don't interrupt

  • Say "excuse me"

  • Ask permission

  • Don't steal or lie

  • Don't use other people's things without asking

  • Just be nice

To simplify, I'm suggesting that we treat each other, ourselves and the things we interact with, with respect and dignity and as if they are valuable, because they are.  I think we all just needed a reminder, myself included.

We are each stewards, we are responsible for our words and deeds, we are accountable to others and we should responsibly manage our resources, of all kinds, and plan wisely.

Why does it matter?   It isn't all about you! But in some ways it is; your kindness and actions have the ability to change the world around you and we live in an environment of incredible unhappiness, one of diminishing resources and you and I can make a difference. We are all called to Stewardship.


Lisa is and Independent Shaklee Distributor and received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.   To learn more visit


Van and Lisa are also Independent Shaklee Distributors. Shaklee was Green when Green was just a color! Everything we do has been designed In Harmony with Nature®. Discover our difference.

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