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Spring Cleaning Tips and Why You Should

Happy first day of Spring!!! Spring Cleaning isn't a new idea and historically is part of many religious cultures as a fresh start, cleansing, and newness. In modern history, Spring Cleaning was a time to open the house and freshen things up after having been closed up all winter. Today it still gives us an emotional boost to have everything fresh, crisp, and clean.

Why Spring Clean

  • Psychologically it gives us a feeling of having a fresh start

  • Reduces anxiety and feelings of chaos by removing the clutter

  • Allows us to "let things go". Letting go of objects we no longer use or need can create a freeing feeling

  • Helps the Immune system. Dusting, vacuuming, and deep cleaning helps clear built-up dust, dust mite feces, and allergens that have collected over the winter

  • Helps promote better sleep. Studies show a fresh and clean environment helps us sleep better

  • Helps you de-stress

Spring Cleaning Tips

Start with a plan - If you are going to do a deep full-on spring cleaning it helps to have a plan. What will you do? Where will you begin? Do you have all of the supplies you need?

Work top to bottom - Work your way from the top of the room to the bottom. For example, wiping down ceiling fans before mirrors and dressers. Then the dust won't dirty up something you've already cleaned. Tip: Use a pillowcase to collect dust on ceiling fan blades!

Change your filters and reverse your ceiling fans - The equinoxes are a great time to do regular checks and maintenance. Change the filters in your house, check the smoke detectors, and if the weather is warm enough change the direction of your ceiling fans.

Use natural cleaners - The home is one of the most polluted places you go to all day. We tend to keep our homes closed up, use chemical cleaners and products, and emit fumes from things like furniture and carpeting. Open the house a little each day to help clear the air and use natural cleaners so that you aren't polluting the air in your efforts to freshen the air! We use and trust Shaklee products, whatever you use make sure you read the labels, including the fine print. Many companies claim to be safe when they are only less dangerous.

Don't forget your blinds - Try using a dusting tool that fits in between the slats. You can also gently put them in a tub of warm sudsy water and let soak for an hour and gently rinse. Hang it in your shower until no longer dripping and then let it finish drying in the window.

Clean your curtains - Your curtains collect dust and grime throughout the year, the spring is a good time to give them a gentle wash. Follow the directions on the label. If they can't be washed give them a good vacuum.

Deep clean your rugs - Grab some help if you need to and take your rugs outside for a good cleaning and beating! Even with regular vacuuming your rug can still hold dirt. Check your rug's labels and consider getting them professionally cleaned or using a carpet cleaner too.

Clean the Baseboards - Baseboards collect tons of dust and dirt and are often overlooked, adding them into your spring cleaning will help cut down on the dust and allergens.

Use a timer - I believe the most powerful tool I own is a timer! I use it to challenge myself and see how much I can accomplish in 15 minutes. I use it when I'm not in the mood to do something and tell myself "Do this for 15 minutes and you can move on to something else". I find that once I'm actually doing the task I'm usually more in the mood to keep it up. If I'm not, no shame. I did my allotted time.

Find a system for all year long - I've tried all kinds of cleaning systems over the years and find that they help me be more consistent and keep a cleaner home overall. My go-to systems are The Fly Lady and my current fav is TOMM. By using these systems every area of my house is deep cleaned either monthly or every 8 weeks, which cuts down on my spring cleaning!

Take your Time - Maybe you feel like you can't commit that much time to spring cleaning, or you have mobility issues that limit how long you can do things. That's OK, adapt. Use the timer method and do little bits every day or every couple of days—10 minutes at a time. Choose one room or area you'd like to deep clean and set a goal to have it done by the end of the week and do it in little chunks. If you are an all-or-nothing person, just let that go. Keep in your mind that in the end, it will all be done.

Find ways to make it fun - Have a family competition, put on your fav playlist, or do something special after you've completed your spring cleaning goals. Just have fun!


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