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Setting things right - Tea Time

Stop for a spot of tea to set things right

The magic of a cup of tea: We arrived at our Airbnb in London and were greeted by a very frazzled host. It seems that the previous renters had had a wild party and left a massive mess. Our poor host had worked very hard to put things in order, but was still frazzled when he stopped suddenly and proclaimed "Let's have tea"!!! Within in minutes our host was composed and happy! It was the power of a Cuppa! It was impressive!

Friends of mine from Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland all say the same thing, there is just something about tea time. They put the kettle on when a guest arrives, when a good cry is order, when there is big or little news to be told; really any reason works.

I've since discovered for myself that pausing for a tea break will set things right again. At least for a bit.

“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.” – Earlene Grey

Benefits of Tea Time

  • Increased productivity - Pausing for a tea break can help improve productivity at work, as well as increased concentration.

  • Afternoon tea is a great way to curb your appetite and hold you over until dinner.

  • A chance to pause and refresh - Take a moment to stop and pause. To step out of the busy day and refresh and gives your mind a break.

  • A chance to check-in and reconnect with yourself.

  • Can help you feel more relaxed, while also helping you feel more alert.

  • A chance to socialize and can make your guest feel special.

  • The act of making the tea and drinking it can create a comforting feeling and a help you slow down. It is a great ritual to develop.

General Health Benefits of Tea

There are many types of teas and each one has it's own unique health benefits.

  • Drinking tea has brain health benefits

  • Improved Heart Health benefits

  • Packed with antioxidants and polyphenols which repair cell damage

  • Benefit blood sugar levels - a small study found that drinking black tea can reduce post meal glucose levels.

  • Can improve digestion

  • May be beneficial for weight management


  • Traditionally, in much of Europe women are given a cup of hot tea and toast after giving birth.

  • Iced Tea was popularized in America in 1904 at the World's Fair

  • It takes 2000 tea leaves to make 1 pound of tea

  • Tea bags were invited in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan. He created silk bags to use for samples and the recipients started using the bags to brew the tea.

  • Black, Oolong, White, and Green teas all come from the plant Camellia Sinensis.


What's your favorite tea? Drop a pic in social media and tag us!


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