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Review: Mango Salsa – Ellie Krieger

Do you want to add more fruits to your diet, but aren’t sure what to do? It is easy to grab a banana, orange, or apple and I highly recommend it. They are loaded with fiber, low in calories, and packed with nutrients, an excellent snacking choice. However, there is so much more out there for the life of the fruit. Fruits can be used in savory and sweet dishes, but try to keep it as close to the original as possible. The more we process it the less healthy it is. A good example is an apple, applesauce, or apple pie. The apple is the best choice, but by the time you get to apple pie it is just a treat; an occasional food. Try using fruits as toppings for pork, chicken or fish, or use in salads.

Here is a mango and cucumber salsa, that is light and summery feeling. Enjoy!


Mango Salsa(click for recipe) Time: 5 Minutes

Ease: Simple

Serve: 4-6 people

Review: I was a little doubtful, to be honest, but this is a delicious salsa. It is very light and summery. You could jazz it up by adding more lime juice or more jalepeño, but it is completely up to you. It is good as written.

Tip: I recommend using frozen mango. Mango can be hard to find and they aren’t the easiest to peel and cut. When shopping look for mango’s with a little “give” to the touch. Peel them and slice on the widest side, watch out for the pit, then slide your knife along the skinnier sides in a curve around the edge of the pit.

Extra Recipe: Another great fruit recipe that is super easy is Banana, Strawberry “Ice Cream”. No dairy and nothing but bananas and strawberries. It seems crazy, but it is smooth and creamy and a great substitute for ice cream.


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