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National Grilled Cheese Day!

To say the my husband, Van, likes cheese would be a SERIOUS understatement. When we married I had no idea that cheese would become a major part of my life. #truth!

I used to buy a block of cheese and maybe a bag of shredded cheese a week and sometimes it would last us more than a week!!! No!! no longer do I live with this paltry pittance of cheese!! I am now living in the land of abundance of not just multiple blocks of cheese, but types as well and I now also understand that the grilled cheese sandwich is serious business and there is no limit to the types of cheeses and the pairings of toppings! I felt challenged! I would bring grilled cheese to new heights-proving my undying love for my husband. Ok, a bit much?? But he legit loves cheese and a nice grilled cheese can make his day. I'm happy to oblige.

There is a time for the basic - Just cheese (with tomato soup obvs), but there is a world of grilled cheese sandwiches out there, give it a try!!

Here are some to get you started:

Basil and Tomato: add slim slices of red onion, fresh basil, and Italian seasonings to the cheese(s) of your choice. Nice combos: Cheddar and cream cheese, Mozzarella - firm and fresh, aged gouda...

Spinach and Tomato Relish Grilled Cheese - Sautee spinach and a few slices of onion, salt and pepper until all are tender then set aside. Prepare the Tomato Relish ahead. Assemble the sandwich: Add a layer of cream cheese to the inside of one slice of bread, top with spinach and onion mixture, add Tomato Relish, Grated Mozzarella, and (optional -Mayo mixed with chopped jalepeño).

Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese - Purple Carrot (shhh, we use non-vegan cheese most of the time)

Kimchi Grilled Cheese - NYT Cooking. Tip: try dicing sweet pickled jalepeños into the mayo - I like the ones from Trader Joes. The sweet spicy flavor mixes well with tang of the Kimchi.


Try using grated cheese in smaller amounts to make it a little more healthy. I find a little goes a long way once you add the other goodies.

Instead of butter on the outside of your bread try mayonnaise, it doesn't scorch as easily.

Share your creations with us and tag us on Instagram @lwburbach


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