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DIY Shaving Cream

Why make your own shaving cream?? Toxins!!! Your skin is your largest organ and you want to take care of it and prevent harmful substances from entering in to your bloodstream. Our skin is very effective barrier, but it doesn't keep everything out. I don't believe in fear-mongering and exaggeration, but we want to be cautious too, so given the choice, I choose natural products and botanically based ones when possible.

In our house, it's the same reason we use non-toxic cleaners; to minimize the contact with as many toxins as possible. We want to help our bodies every chance we get. Plus, its just fun to make stuff!

1 ounce Shakleebaby Gentle Wash (or Castile soap)

1 ounce Aloe Gel, water, or hydrosols

1 ounce Shakleebaby Massage oil (or jojoba wax/oil)

You can add some essential oils if you like, but the Shakleebaby already has some EO's and botanicals and have a pleasant, gentle smell.

Add to a foamer bottle and gently shake before each use.


We also use Shaklee Get Clean line of cleaners, they are non-toxic and biodegradable! It feels good to do our part of others and the environment.


Feel free to ask questions and comment or for a deeper conversation email me at

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