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Date Night In

Life gets busy, super busy, and then when we do have some time we often surf on our phones, or mindlessly click through the channels and before you know it the whole evening is gone and you may not have said a word to each other. OK, you probably said "Look at this" to each other as you turn our phone towards each other and then back again. Sound familiar? Yeah, us too sometimes.

Date nights are a great way to connect and the rule is, no phones, tablets, etc., use the time to focus on each other. Date nights in general are healthy and important, but date nights in are great too and should be part of the mix.

I started planning more Date Nights in after reading the cookbook Date Night In by Ashley Rodriguez. This is a great tool for families too. She talks about the effort they made to date each other in the mix of raising young kids and how to find quality time together, reconnect and build relationship. I highly recommend it and the recipes are good! We found that we really like these times, especially when life is busier.

We are empty nesters and we still find Date Night to be an important part of remaining connected and developing our friendship and love to deeper levels. No matter your stage of life there can be inexpensive and creative ways to squeeze in a date.

Why Date?

  • Build better communication

  • Remember what you like about each other

  • Learn new things about each other

  • Build deeper affection

  • Develop deeper gratitude for each other

  • Relive Stress, taking a break from the whirlwind of life can help reduce stress

  • You feel happier

  • Women especially need this type of connection (typically, though sometimes reversed). It is part of intimacy.

  • The positive interactions draw you closer

What to do?

  • Try building a day or evening around the Crated with Love boxes. We have done two of them, the Route 66 box and the Hygge for two box. There are enough games and ideas to stretch these into more than one night. We will be buying more!!

  • Route 66 had cute little cars to race each other and honestly some of the best sunglasses I've ever owned! We spent hours playing with the box and since we had gone to the Grand Canyone not too long before this it made the game even more fun.

  • Hygge for Two was a slower and more calm box. We had both been pretty stressed and crazy busy so I planned an entire day around the box. We started with a romantic breakfast then a game, hot chocolate by the fire pit while we discussed scientific articles we had researched earlier in the week (yep, we are geeks), a game, a nice walk, then another game and dinner in front of the fire place. Plus we learned more about each other through the games!!

  • Picnic together. It doesn't matter what the weather is like you can make a picnic on the floor! Plan picnic foods and if the weather is nice head out to the back yard for some fun.

  • Board games

  • Table top ping pong competition

  • Yard Games

  • I like the Scoop and Ball game

  • Croquet

  • Horseshoes

  • Stargazing. We have an app we use and stretch out on the ground and look at the stars together.

  • Fondue night

  • Try Youtube and learn a dance move together

  • Make dinner together and try something new, like homemade pasta, pierogis, gnocchi, or something sweet.

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Work on a project together, something fun you'd like to make.

  • Research something of interest and then discuss it over wine, dinner, a fire etc.

  • Make a wine and paint night - there are a lot of tutorials online.

  • Have a wine tasting night. Try suggestions from things like Food and Wine Magazine.

  • Make a local Beer flight and discuss what you learned

There is no end to the possibilities! Set the intention that you are going to get to know each other just a little bit more, have fun, and remember to laugh together.

Take a pic and tag me on Instagram @lwburbach and have a great Date Night In.


Don't forget to check out my Recipe section for dinner ideas, and the Monthly Tools for monthly challenges, recipes, tools and more to help you on your wellness journey.


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