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Creating Routine

When you integrate your goals into a routine, it takes the guesswork out. You know you’ve set yourself up for success by creating a routine that allows you to complete small actions daily. This keeps the momentum toward your goals moving without you getting overwhelmed. Creating a routine also helps you get back on track when you feel foggy and distracted.

What is a routine?

In its most basic form, a routine is a set of actions done regularly or at specific intervals. For example, it may be someone’s routine to grocery shop on Saturdays and meal prep on Sundays. This is repeated every single week. Another person may have a detailed morning routine that involves waking up at 5 am, making the bed, reading a book and doing 20 minutes of stretching. We are creatures of habit and routines are a way to improve our health through organization and structure. They help keep us productive and focused on our goals. They can be hourly, daily, weekly, and even monthly. A routine helps us keep on track with our tasks and activities but primarily helps us stay on track and feel on track mentally.

Benefits of a routine:

  1. You know what to expect

  2. You make better decisions when it comes to the big picture

  3. You are more productive

  4. You help set yourself up for success

  5. You can track your progress

  6. You can plan ahead for obstacles

  7. You can help reduce anxiety

  8. You promote healthy habits

  9. You may have improved sleep

  10. You can make time for the things that matter to you

  11. You may improve your immune system

  12. You can pick a routine up where you left it

One of my favorite things about routines is number 12, I can pick up where I am. It can feel overwhelming when you feel behind and off track, but instead of trying to play "catch up" try starting on that day's routine. For example, I use TOMM cleaning app, but if i had a week that was crazy and I didn't get my house cleaned I use to try to do it all in one day to catch up. But now!! I start on that day, knowing that by keeping to my routine I will get it all done in time. I give myself grace.

You can build a routine around anything.

  • Cleaning the house

  • Getting up in the morning

  • Going to bed

  • Work hours

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition

  • Mental Health

  • Socialization

  • Wherever you need the routine.

To make a good routine try using tracking sheets, apps, or notebook paper. Check it off and over time it will become habit.



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