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6 Summertime Recipes

Fresh, refreshing recipes perfect for a hot summer day!

#Summertime brings longer days, fun activities, family time and friend time. It also brings the heat! I'm from the South, and it gets hot y'all! Even the bugs scream about the heat! But Summertime also brings yummy picnics, potlucks, and outdoor eating!

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've searched the Internet for you and gathered some great recipes perfect for the hot days of summer! - Enjoy!


This is a quick and easy dish and it's perfect for a picnic or Pot Luck! Give it a chance! The vinaigrette has yellow mustard, which is a little different, but it's perfect. It says hot sauce, but don't worry. I'm a wimp, I thought it was fine. A little heat, but you won't cry. Serve with some sandwiches and you have a meal!

I've talked about this Salsa before, and that's because it is awesome!!! It is freshness in your mouth! We use it as a salsa, but I have also served it on the side like as a salad too. Make it into a meal by using it for Nachos.

We recently had a lot, I mean A LOT, of watermelon left over! In my efforts to avoid food waste I found this awesome recipe! It might take a little of creative thinking to consider watermelon with savory flavors, but it's worth it. Go for it! This would be so good with something right off the grill!

I just had this at a Pot Luck lunch and loved it! Fortunately my friend gave me the recipe!! It feels creamy and decadent while also feeling fresh, and it's healthy!! This recipe uses yogurt in place of mayonnaise or sour cream and honestly, you'd never know it, if you were not sure about using yogurt. Beans and corn make a perfect protein BTW.

Sandwiches are great summertime options and this one is a great choice! Tip: Get good bread! This recipe calls for optional pickled red onions and I choose the option!! To say I might have a small addiction to pickled red onions right now might be pretty close to legit!

Here is the recipe, also by Love and Lemons. Pickled Red Onions or one with a little less sugar by Bon Appétit Magazine

To make this dish vegan use agave instead of honey.

If you are wondering where the meat is, you could add grilled chicken.

I love this combination of foods, it's fresh and simple! I've altered this some and like to add chopped pieces of lime slices, some red onion diced into very small pieces, chopped peanuts, and coconut flakes to the other ingredients in the recipe.

Summer is a great time to use your Air Fryer and Instantpot (I have a Ninja Foodie, but whatever electric pressure cooker you may have is great.). These gadgets help prevent heating up the kitchen and the house like using the big oven does. Plus they are fun to use!

What did you try? Take a pic and tag me on Instagram @lwburbach


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