Making It Through The Holidays

When we are trying to be healthy the holidays can feel overwhelming, so many office parties, snacks, family meals etc. It doesn't have to de-rail your plans.

Quick Tips:

  • Enjoy the sweets and snacks that come your way, just choose wisely, eat mindfully, and use wisdom and moderation

  • When faced with nerve racking events remember to take a minute to find a place of calm inside, make a decision ahead of time to avoid emotional eating, breathe and look for the positives

  • Plan ahead for big meals, ask yourself what things you think will be there and what you would like to splurge on - treat yourself, then fill in with healthier options.

  • NO GUILT! Shaming yourself, eating in guilt, and berating yourself does not help your overall wellness. Remind yourself that you are on a lifestyle of health adventure and that includes special meals and holidays where you treat yourself guilt free. This doesn't mean go wild, but give yourself a break.

  • Gratitude is a huge part of wellness, remember to be thankful.

  • Just have fun.

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