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Meatless Monday A Review: Mushroom-Nut Burgers Over Greens - Mark Bittman

You don't have to go vegetarian or vegan to enjoy the benefits of adding more plant based foods to you diet. By adding little bits to each meal you will become accustomed to healthier foods and barely notice the change. Really!! Eating more fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and legumes can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help maintain or lose weight, help with mood and over all sense of well being. Small changes can have a big impact on our health. For example, losing 20% of the size of your waist can reduce your chance of a heart attack by the same amount! Moderation combined with good quality food choices added to an active lifestyle is key to a healthy life.

Ways to add in more whole food plant (WFPB) based foods:

  1. Go Meatless Monday - Try skipping meat one night of the week and let us know how it goes!

  2. Smoothies - toss it in and enjoy. I found that Shhh b-e-e-t-s taste good in a smoothie!!! Try adding spinach, kale, butternut squash, oats etc.

  3. Grab fruit or nuts as a snack

  4. Add veggies to every meal

  5. Don't forget to add veggies to your sandwiches. I understand meat likes peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. Think of your meat

  6. Add fruit to your cereal

  7. Keep a bowl of fruit on the table or counter, where there is the most traffic. You'll be surprised how many times someone grabs a piece

  8. Try adding grains like quinoa, bulgar, amaranth etc. to your salads. It will help you feel more full and add more fiber.

  9. Puree vegetables and sneak them into your sauces

What ways do you add more WFPB foods into your diet? Feel free to comment.

Tip: Go slowly, if you aren't used to the added fiber it can cause a little discomfort. Gradually increase your fiber content over a period of several weeks.


The Review:

Time: 30 Minutes (includes 10 minutes chilling time)

Ease: Moderate. It is simple, but some people will be intimidated by the food processor. Just toss it in and relax!

Review: I was a little skeptical as I read the recipe for Mark Bittman's Mushroom-Nut burger, it seemed too plain and I was doubtful that the lemon sauce would work. I was wrong! The flavors were very nice together. They are subtle and I suggest you resist the temptation to punch it a notch, at least the first time you make this. Just enjoy the simplicity and flavor, but play around the next time. I think this recipe has a lot of seasoning possibilities. Mark Bittman gives a couple of variations in his cookbook.

Caveat: If you don't like mushrooms be forewarned that it still tastes like mushrooms. I however do like mushrooms, so it was yummy!

Tips: I want to encourage you to take your time and be patient with this dish. It is important to let the burgers cook slowly so that they cook long enough to be firm. This means keeping the heat lower and taking your time. Not long, 3-5 minutes per side, but don't rush it.

Overall this recipe is a nice way to add more plant based foods into your diet and a great Meatless Monday meal. This recipe had grains (oats), vegetables (mushrooms, greens, tomatoes, onion), and nuts (pecans or you choose)!

I try to be careful about copyright information, and as a result I have not published the recipe here since I don't have permission from the author or publisher. However, I recommend The VB6 Cookbook where the recipe is found and if you Google the Mark BIttman Mushroom-Nut Burger over greens you will find some copies out there.


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