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What’s for Dinner? Pesto Pasta with Artichokes and Sun-dried Tomatoes & BBQ Shrimp

Pesto Pasta with Artichoke Hearts and Sun-dried Tomatoes

pesto pasta

Meatless Monday

Time: 20 Minutes

Ease: Simple

Review:  Sometimes it is nice to throw a few things together and see what happens.  OK, for some of us.  I have some friends who would disagree, so if that is the case then just follow the directions below.  Otherwise, feel free to improvise with this.

Ingredients; I did not add amounts so that you can adjust to the size you need and to taste.


Fresh Mozzarella

Sun-dried tomatoes, diced

1 small jar Artichoke hearts, chopped


red pepper flakes

cherry tomatoes

optional, brocollini, squash, zucchini, caramalized onions, add to taste or make available like a buffet.

Cook your pasta and then toss in the above ingredients until it is the texture and taste you like.  I used about 1/2 cup pesto, 1 small jar artichoke hearts, 1/4 tsp pepper flakes, a handful of tomatoes, 1/2 cup of diced fresh mozzarella and mixed it all together and then served with slivers of asiago.  It was a nice, yet simple dish.

bbq shrimp

My Aunt Jane has to be the best cook on the planet!  She made this for us and my family has never forgotten.  This past year I tried another recipe and received sad looks as they said “It’s good, ya know.  It’s just not Aunt Jane’s” so, here you go!  My daughter doesn’t even like shrimp, but loves to dip her bread in this sauce. (Aunt Jane got it from Southern Living, but it is just something in the way she cooks anything that is the best)

Time: 40 Minutes

Ease: Simple.  They don’t say to peel the shrimp, but we do so that it is easier to eat and less messy.

Review: AAAmmaazing!  This is a finger lickin’, elbow drippin, mmm mmm meal.

What is your favorite summertime meal?  Answer in the comments field or take a pic and post to instagram, facebook, or twitter using #bringingbackdinner.

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