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Showing up & Self Love

It's trendy right now to talk about self love, but it doesn't change the fact that it's true. Showing up for yourself and giving yourself consistent love (care) is an important factor in your wellbeing. It is also an important step in caring for others. You can't give out what you don't have in.

What if you took time to slow down, take stock of how you’re feeling, do what you love, support your wellness? Let’s focus on taking care of ourselves so we can do the things that matter most in life to connect to ourselves, to others, to nature and lean into the simple joys of summertime.

While we know self-care is important all the time, it’s not always easy in the summer as many of us are busy with family activities, traveling, attending special events, or even simply trying to keep the kids busy while they are out of school or keep up with your own schedule. No matter the season or day of the week, it’s always a good time to make sure you are also on your to-do list and that you give yourself the same love and respect that you give to others.

How can you Show up for yourself?

  • Stop focusing on others and caring what they think of you

  • Mark time on your calendar for yourself and DO IT

  • Keep a gratitude journal

  • Celebrate small wins

  • Be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments, you are amazing!

  • Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, it’s okay to have emotions

  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself (hair, makeup, clothes, personality, etc)

  • Set healthy boundaries to make sure you are prioritizing your needs

  • Practice positive self-talk, positive thoughts and self-compassion

  • Make time for yourself and for doing activities that bring you joy

Sometimes the bravest and most important

thing you can do is to just show up! - Brene Brown

How to Give yourself some Self Love this summer

  • Speak kindly to your body

  • Do activities you love

  • Honor your commitments to yourself

  • Reframe criticism from other and yourself

  • Practice self forgiveness

  • Step away from the scale

  • Commit to unplugged time - no devices

  • Choose to hydrate and be intentional with nutrition

  • Wear what you want

  • Throw away the idea that you have to be perfect

  • Recognize you can't control everything

  • Keep a good circle of friends

In addition to these things taking time to take care of your skin and body will help you feel refreshed and care for, it's a great way to show up for yourself.

To read more about how to Show up and Glow up email me at and I'll send you a free booklet so you can dig a little deeper.


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