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Millennials Have it Right!

It's About Cooperation not Competition

One of the best lessons I have learned from Millennials is that it's about cooperation, not competition. They have been raised as team players and though they get a lot of flack, they bring some great things to the table. This is one of them, maybe we should listen to them.

My #sidehustle is an MLM (gasp), yep I'm out there hocking soap, vitamins, and stuff along with 20.5 million other people in the US, and people buy our products at the tune of 35.5 billion dollars in annual sales! That's a lot of burping lids, make-up, kitchen gadgets, and vitamins!!

Don't stop reading! This is about you too, not just "those" people. What I'm about to say can be applied to your life even if you don't do direct sales etc.

Ok, as I was saying...

It isn't easy, it's about passion, or it should be. According to Richard Bliss Brooke only about 5% of those who attempt to build a team in MLM/Direct Sales companies actually do it! Those who do have passion, true heart passion.

One of the reasons MLM or Direct Sales companies have a bad rap is because there have been those who preyed (or prey) on friends and families for the purpose of getting "rich quick", lied about who they were and misled people about their real purpose. Theirs was a passion of greed and not true heart. People were hurt, disillusioned, and bitter and the actions of the few poisoned the water for us all. I've had people tell me they will NEVER buy from an MLM!!!! Even though they have personally never had a negative experience with someone from Direct Sales, nor has anyone they know. But they KNOW it's bad. But, really at 35.5 billion dollars, that's with B!! Billion! dollars worth of sales, it isn't stopping that many people! But for some, their water has been tainted.

Most of us...I mean 20.5 million people is a lot of people! Most of us do it because we have passion and purpose and care about others. It isn't easy, its work; real a job work and you can't do it without cooperation and passion.

it isn't easy, did I say that already? Good, because it isn't easy! It's about passion, or it should be. True passion, and that's why those who build a MLM business do it. They have a passion for something other than a "get rich quick scheme" and they are willing to work for it, really work for a job work for it. That passion gives us purpose and that purpose prompts us to find companies we can align with to help us fulfill our passion. That's where cooperation comes in, it starts with respect for the passion of others and joy for another's passion.

I make it a point to build relationships with people in other Direct Sales companies. I'm not out to steal their "people", I'm there to witness their passion, fuel their passion, rejoice over their passion, and learn from their passion I'm there to cooperate with them, not compete. I find that as a result of my genuine passion for their passion, they do the same for me.

Their Passions:

  • A passion to empower women and help them believe in themselves, love themselves, trust themselves and take care of themselves in this world

  • A passion to change the earth and the lives of people by making sure that there are safe options for skincare and beauty and that people are informed of the truth. As a result, a desire to change the regulations in this country to ensure that safety.

  • A passion to give people joy and a sense of self

  • A passion to help women love the bodies they have and feel beautiful in the clothes they wear

  • A passion to open doors for women who thought they were stuck where they are with no "thing" of their own

  • A passion to keep people safe and put the power of their own security in their hands

  • A passion to change the world one household at a time by making sure people know how to reduce, reuse, recycle, and be safe

  • A passion to make beauty fun and flirty because women need down time and play time too

  • A passion to put self care and health back in the hands of individuals and empower them to give themselves permission to be in control of their own bodies and hearts

How do I know their passion? Cooperation. It isn't about competing to just make the sale, nab a customer, make the contact; it's about relationship, partnership, shared passion, and joy for someone else's passion. This is something Millennials get; they work together, they support other people's efforts, they cross sell and promote each other. As a result they each get to help the other have success fulfilling their own passion and in return see their own fulfilled.

It isn't easy, (I said that, right?) It's about passion. It's about purpose, cooperation (working together and for each other). It's about setting aside the competition and remembering why you do what you do to begin with. My advice is to find your passion, define your purpose, find others and help them do the same even if it is different from your passion.

Millennials get a bad rap, but maybe the fact that many of them grew up with those Participation Awards other generations mock, paid off. They think everyone gets to play and everyone can win. Cooperation, not competition.


My Passion is to help you believe you are valuable and that you are made "just right"! you are the best you and no one can be you better than you. I believe that if you believe this and love yourself you will be loving to yourself and that means you'll be healthy. I believe that if you love you, you will eat well, take care of your body physically, take care of you heart, soul, and mind. I believe that you will be a good steward of yourself, resources, and the planet and that one person at a time we can make a difference.

Y'all know I like to say it, so I'll say it again, "I really like you being you even if you being you is different from me being me.".

Yeah, I know it's like glitter and rainbow unicorn poop (or so I've been told), but it's my passion, it's my purpose and I'm good with it.


For me, #shaklee is a great partnership which allows me to fulfill my passion and purpose, the passions above are for friends who are part of #MaryKay, #BeautyCounter, #beachbody #Thirtyone, #cabi #Legalshield #Norwex, #colorstreet #doterra, #avon I'll be glad to connect you to them. And of course I'd love to tell you about Shaklee.

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