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Lesson in the Failure

Reposted from August, 2017

I'm not a high hype, "Rah, Rah" kind of person, and this week I was at a conference where Brian Biro spoke, who brings that excitment and I've decided that sometimes a little Rah Rah is good.  Sometimes we fall into a mediocre mindset, you is alright, business is alright, family is alright; things are alright-not amazing, but good enough.  I think that sometimes there is a time to enjoy "alright", if it is a time to be content, but for the most part we want to learn and grow and we need a little "You can do it!", "Rah, Rah"!  So, here is your Rah, Rah!! "You got this!  Keep at it!  Success is on the horizon!".  Really!

We were asked to break a board with our hands, all Karate style! "Ha Yah!"  After we had been properly instructed on how to break the board we broke into groups small groups.  We were instructed to cheer if the board broke, but we were instructed to cheer if it DIDN'T break too!  The first person in my group was in her 70's and a little tiny woman.  She walked up to that board and BAM, first try.  I thought "I've got this!", but you know what?  I didn't... it took me 4 tries. FOUR!  Oh man!  My team cheered every time!  I had tried and they were there for me! I was feeling embarrassed, a failure, etc. but the cheering helped keep it down.

How sweet it was!  The fourth time I made a slight shift in my body, eyes, and attitude, and went for it BAM! Got it.  As I reflected on the experience I realized how glad I am that it took me 4 tries.  I think that is more realistic to where I am as a business woman or even a person.  I find that sometimes I'm in a place where i feel like I try and try and nothing happens; no one is buying my products, responding to my emails, paying attention and then BAM it all changes and business is booming or life changes.  The key is to remember the breakthroughs you've had in the past when the proverbial board doesn't break!  Remember that people are cheering for us, I'm cheering for you! Failure is when we give up, failure is when we can no longer learn from the mistakes and down times.  My lesson in failure is that I can succeed, but I need to keep moving forward and sometimes I need a little zap from the Rah Rahs.

Here are some inspiring quotes regarding failure:

  • Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. - Robert F. Kennedy

  • Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. - Henry Ford

  • Think like a Queen, a Queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness. - Oprah Winfrey

  • I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison

  • The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall - Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Growth = Enough of a challenge to stretch you, but not so much as to break you. - LW Burbach

I hope you are encouraged today.  In those slow, dark times remember that you only need enough light for the step you are on, one step at a time.  In the successful, free flowing times, remember your dark times.  It will help you be humble and help you remember life is up and down, but will come back up. And it's ok to give yourself a little Rah, Rah Whoop. It gets us all up fired up! Keep up the good work!


Lisa received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

Van and Lisa are also Shaklee Distributors, We believe that every day we can help people live healthier lives, feel better, and help create a healthier planet.

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