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Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza W/Lisa's Special Sauce

I love cooking, but sometimes I just want something simple! Ta-da!!! Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the recipes right away!

Wait, first let me tell you about my first birthday and how it invoked deep desire for BBQ Pizza and—————-Just kidding, I’m like you, I don’t like to wade through it all for the recipe waaaaayyy down at the bottom either. It’s right here:

The Chicken First, Start cooking the chicken. I cooked mine in my instant pot (Truth: Pampered Chef Quick Cooker). 3 frozen thighs on high for 15 minutes, natural release. You could bake it, boil it, grill it, or buy already cooked chicken – Chef’s choice.

If you want to skip meat try something like Gardein, which has flavorful “chicken” non-meat options.

Once the The chicken is done chop or shred well. I have the Pampered Chef scissor choppers which are aaaammaaazing! Another great way to shred chicken -really, it really works is to just toss the cooked chicken into your Kitchenaid with the regular beater and turn it on, around 4 or 5, and Bam! Shredded chicken. Of course you can always use a knife or your fingers. Also Chef’s Choice – See? This is such a non stress meal. Whatever works for you.

The Sauce (I made a half batch for a small pizza) Prepare the sauce while the chicken cooks or, well…open the bottle if you opted for already made – no judgment, we all like easy!

Lisa’s Chipotle BBQ Sauce

1 cup ketchup

1 tbsp mustard

1 tsp garlic powder or sauté garlic with onions

1 tsp onion powder or saute fresh onions to taste

1tsp chili powder

1/3 cup molasses

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 tsp chocolate

1 tbsp chipotle pepper w/sauce (more to taste)

1 Tbsp brown sugar

Salt & pepper

Heat the vinegar and add in molasses and brown sugar to dissolve, then add remaining ingredients and mix well. Simmer 5 minutes. Done! Easy!

If using fresh onions and garlic sauté them in 1 tbsp olive oil prior to adding vinegar and sweeteners.


The Crust: I used a pre-made, frozen Monteli Organic Crusts that I bought from Trader Joes. The sweet part is that you don’t have to defrost to use!! Again, Chef’s choice, you can make one or buy one. Our grocery sells pizza dough in the deli section, which also works well.


The Cheese

We used Munster cheese, but any cheese will do. Gouda is awesome and a blend is thhheee best! Grate at least a cup of cheese.


The Onion

1/4-1/2 purple onion should work well. My husband isn’t a big onion fan, so I used about 1/4 cup sliced thinly into rounds, then cut in half. (half moon shapes).


Make Your Pizza

Swirl a good amount of BBQ sauce onto the crust, up to the edges. This is yet another “Chef’s Choice” thing. Some people like saucy pizza and others like it a little drier.

Top the BBQ sauce with shredded chicken, enough to cover the pizza. Next add slices of purple onion, top with the cheese and bake. The crust I used said bake 11 minutes, but it took about 15. Follow the direction of the crust you choose.

Let sit about 10 minutes to cool a little. While it sits make your Ranch Dressing (recipe below)- Or open the bottle. I make all of our dressings, once you get used to it they are very simple and taste so much better!! But again, no judgement – you do you.


Eat the Pizza

Right before serving drizzle additional BBQ sauce over the top, then drizzle Ranch Dressing over the entire pizza. Serve.

Options: Add jalepeño’s, lettuce, crumbled bacon, more shredded cheese – go wild!


The Dressing

Now, I have a more complex recipe, but this one works in a pinch, tastes great and has fooled many people into thinking it was a difficult to make Ranch Dressing.

3 Tbs Mayo

A pinch to 1/4 tsp Garlic powder

A pinch to 1/4 tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp dry dill

Buttermilk to the consistency you enjoy.

Mix and enjoy!!


See? I Nice and easy! For the easiest, lazy day meal use pre-cooked chicken, bottle of bbq sauce, bottle of Ranch, package of shredded cheese. All you have to “do” is slice some onions and assemble!

Honestly, it didn’t take much longer to make it and it was worth it thought!


Soooo, on my first birthday, as the delicious aroma of Chipotle BBQ Chicken wafted into the party I feelt my heart —Nah! Just kidding. Enjoy the pizza!

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