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Conquer Monday! Attitude

Photo by Lisa Wright Burbach

If I say "Monday" what pops into your mind? Pictures of Grumpy Cat? Does your mood change? Why? It doesn't have too. Let me tell you a story about my husband.

My husband is a very kind, generally patient, and understanding person, but Monday's used to always change his mood and set a tone for the whole day. When he came home and I asked about his day he would grumble and complain and make grumbly noises. I asked him why Monday's were so bad and he complained that Monday just always seemed to get the best of him. He struggled with feeling behind, disorganized, and just out of sorts. When we tried to break it down there was really nothing different about Monday except that it followed a break from working.

My husband loves his job, enjoys his client and co-workers and as a rule is very satisfied with his career. But still, there was Monday! I thought about this for a while and tried something new. Psyching him up!! As he left the house in the morning I gave him his usual kiss, hug, and encouragements for the day, but this time I made an angry face-ok, I don't do these well and mostly he thought I was cute, but he understood my goal. Anyway, I made an angry face and balled up my fists and so "Go get em!! Conquer Monday! Monday is not the boss of you, YOU are the boss of it!!! Get things done, stay on task, and have fun in the face of Monday!!! You like your job, you can do this. Conquer Monday grrrrrrrrr" It takes a special man to live with me :D

And you know what? It worked. He came home a different man and felt kind of exhilarated about defeating Monday. We did this same routine for months, but we don't anymore. Monday is no longer a big deal for him. He conquered it and he doesn't need a cheerleader for Mondays anymore. Monday is just another day.

Now, let's look at this. Monday is not even a thing, you can't touch it or hold it. Monday has no feelings or attitude. Monday just exists, like any other day. What really got conquered? His attitude!!

Attitude is really what it is about. Monday is all about your frame of mind. Monday is about what you make it to be. If you go into the day with a bad attitude that Monday sucks, your job sucks, your life sucks uggghhh "I hate Mondays" then it will be a bad day. You can't change Monday being a Monday, but you can change how it goes down or at least how you feel about it. You can change your attitude. You have a choice. Bad things may happen, but still the choice is yours.

  • Think of the positives

  • Decide you are the boss of Monday

  • Give yourself a few extra minutes on Mondays to get you ready for the day

  • pray

  • do a facial

  • get a cup of coffee

  • go out to breakfast

  • meet a friend

  • go for a walk

  • When you get to work prioritize the day

  • Take a minute to remember what you like about your job. If there isn't anything, at least be happy for the provision and be hopeful.

Go out! Conquer Monday, you can do it! Be amazing!!!!

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