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September's News

Fall is my favorite season. Van and I are starting it off with our daughter's wedding, 2 birthdays, and 2 camping trips!!


I like the crisp air and the beautiful colors, everything about fall makes me happy! I'm excited to help you be bold this month as we journey through our habit of health! Happy Fall!

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Welcome to September

Another new season is upon us! As fall settles in and kids are back in school, you may be feeling a bit anxious to get into a better routine yourself. These seasonal transitions seem to be when people want to have a fresh start and set out towards new goals. 


Are you feeling that way? 🤔


Maybe you want that fresh start for yourself and your health, but you are afraid to be a beginner. No one wants to feel like a newbie. But everyone has to start somewhere! So, what do you do when you don’t know where to begin?! 👀


👇 Here are some ways to be bold as a beginner...


  • Set realistic but ambitious goals

  • Write down your goals or vision

  • Share your goals with supportive loved ones

  • Find people to hold you accountable

  • Break down your goals into steps 

  • Follow a schedule, plan or program

  • Focus on yourself and don’t compare to others

  • Ignore the negativity and limiting beliefs

  • Celebrate every little step along the way

  • Be patient and give yourself grace


It all comes down to deciding what you want your life, health and wellness to look and feel like, and then just deciding to just begin. The first step is the hardest one. If you need help taking it, I’m here to help you boldly step into your new beginning! 👣


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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